Why would you cheat?

So I'm sure many of us have been cheated on and it hurt but this question isn't for you. I want to hear from the people who have cheated on a significant other. I don't want to hear people's speculations or a scientific explanation. I don't want to start an argument about whether it's wrong or not. I don't want to place any shame on anyone. I'm not here to judge your actions and I would perfer if people refrain from insulting or arguing with anyone who is brave enough to post an answer. I just want to know honestly why you decided to cheat or if you considered it a conscious decision at all. I just want to hear the other side of the story that normally gets shamed into silence. I can't control what people post on here so I beg others to provide those willing to answer with a guilt and shame free environment so they will give completely honest replies. I would also like to beg others to not question the answers others are willing to give. Even if you wholeheartedly disagree with thier statements please vent your concerns elsewhere so that others are not afraid to post. Even if you think their answer is so odd sounding it couldn't be true please just dismiss it and move on. I just want to listen and I'm sure others wouldn't mind simply listening as well. Just to understand. Thank you to those who decide to reply. And thank you to those who decide to read the responses and treat others kindly by letting them voice their thoughts and feelings without attacking them.


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  • I cheated like 3years ago on my exboyfriend 2x...

    I swear I was super drunk. and I wouldn't of known if it wasn't for my best friend who recaptioned the night for me. I begged her not to ever remind me or talk about it and never have. I would never do that consciously, So I thought.

    The second time was at another party where I was getting high with nozz and I was super numb and this guy who I was sharing my balloon with just kissed me. I didn't stop it. I responded and made out a little more. I even gave him my number after...

    So I knew what I was doing but I didn't care. Once all the alcohol and nozz were out my system is when the regret came in.

    I would blame it on the drugs and alcohol again but I'm not going to because I knew what I did when I did it.

    I guess I cheated on him that night because we did get into an argument that night before I went out. And my ex was such a dickhead when he was mad. He was so uncaring of your feelings when pissed. So I'm sure I did it as a form of revenge. Which was bad. I'd take it back if I could though.

    Last year I dated a guy who did that to me. But man did he do it better. . . He always told me about that girl he was cheating on me with but he told me it was his "long time friend". Most women won't take that bs but I did cause I believe in clean pure friendship. Anyways I served my Karma haaa .


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  • Revenge for being mistreated or unappreciated. And then I would dump him.


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