Should I move on or should I hold onto the memory's?

this is out of the ordinary for me but here goes.

7 years ago I fell in love obviously, we dated for a short period of time and ended on a rather nasty note.

over the years we've had little to no contact she's said she can never forgive me, then she's said she is trying to forgive and then she forgave, we had a bit more contact after that but I was in a relationship at the time so I didn't put any effort into rebuilding a freindship and that contact evaporated into thin air, I've tried making contact since but all that achieved was her blocking me online.

here is my issue, I miss her not everyday maybe not even every week but I doo think of her quite a fair bit more then I believe I should, I have a letter written from her from 7 years ago that I've held onto and I struggle to even think of letting it go. the words in that letter bring back so many good memorys.

i'm in another relationship now, we live together and I do love her quite dearly, but I don't seem to want to let my previous memorys go either, I don't know how or what to do. so here I am.


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  • There is no point to give that letter to her. If you do love the person your with, don't let a 7 year old letter shake you now. All it will do is hurt both of them. Just accept the past as the past and focus on the present with the girl that you are in love with.


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  • Let it go, let it go

  • Time to move on.


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