Would you take your ex back if you both slept with other people during 2 month break up?

Me and my ex were together for a year and a half.

So many arguments. So much problems. but the sex was amazing.

we split up late August and in that time I slept with 3 women. she had a one night stand with someone close to her friend group. even though I slept with 3 women during our break up the news of what she did hurt me so much. am I wrong to be hurt after what I did?

we are dating again now and are both very hurt by what each other did. the sex is just too good to give up though. I like to think I'm just using her for sex but obviously the emotions are still there and if I really let myself think about it I get extremely jealous. what would you do? her body is amazing.lol


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  • No I couldn't. But before I say why, plenty of people do and are able to move on like it's nothing.

    My reasoning- Honestly, that would not leave my brain, to know that the girl I just had, just randomly banged people shortly after we broke up. It makes it seem as if what we had was not special at all. Of course there is no problem with this because you guys were technically broken up. But for me, I couldn't get it out of my brain that my ex (now girlfriend again) cheapened herself shortly after me, but yet still wanted to get back with me.

    You already admitted to being extremely jealous so why bother? If you want it to work you have to accept it! Yes she took another man's Dick and probably loved every single second of it. But then you say you're just using her for sex, so why does it matter?

    • she claims they had sex for under a minute and she ran into the toilet crying and throwing up because she was so drunk. sounds like a typical slags excuse to me. but she insists why would she lie what difference would it make. I never want to get back with her properly but I find myself getting feelings again when I keep sleeping with her. I want to move on but struggle to see myself finding a girl with a nicer body than hers. her arse is amazing. remember I slept with 3 girls after the break up

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    • I agreed with answerer, but he also slept with 3 other women...is she expected to take him back without sleeping around, and even if I'm not that type the only way I would take him back is to have sex with someone else before I take him back, it's fair enough,

    • yeah all I can really do is treat her like friends with benefits.

      i can't be bothered to sleep with other women. I could download tinder but 'this friends with benefits' would go crazy if she found out. yup.

      my life sucks

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  • I think you're an a**hole...you slept with 3 women, she only slept with one man, it's not even fair, she should still sleep with 2 other men for it to be equal... the only way I would forgive cheating is cheating back, because the person who cheated needs to experience how much it hurts...

    • it wasn't cheating we were broken up.still makes my blood boil thinking about what she did.

    • even if you were broken up, if there's a 1% chance that could go back together, you should avoid sleeping with other people. I won't take my ex back if he cheating while we were off, It just means I didnot mean much to him, and I don't need people that don't care much about me in my life. Now that you know how much it hurts when you girl did it, may be you should rethink about having sex next time you break up with people.

  • lol yes you are wrong to be hurt, if you slept with 3 women you're being a huge hypocrite to be upset she slept with one when you were BOTH single. she was free to do as she liked just as you were, she didn't remain your property while you were free to sleep with whoever and expect her loyalty and abstinence. you sound like a very shallow person who is only interested in peoples looks and having sex not someone who should be in a real relationship.

    your relationship sounds crappy to be very honest, a relationship based on arguments and mutually using eachother for looks with the only amazing thing about it being sex isn't one that's meant to be. you're just wasting time together instead of finding people who are actual matches. this is toxic and itll all end in a huge argument or a fight with another guy over her or a fight with another girl over you


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  • Maybe you're more compatible than yu think. The fact you both slept with other people in such a short time tells me neither of you is ready for a committed relationship; mnayb eyou should accept just being friends with benefits, at least for now. That seems to be basically what you have done, actually. Are you really 'together' now?

    • well no I don't want her back. I'm too ashamed to make her my actual girlfriend and post it on Facebook for example as she slept with someone friends with my friend. it would make me feel stupid. but I tried cutting her off after hearing what she did but slowly gave in to her constant contact and we've been having a lot of sex. the only time I'm not pissed off is when she's crying about the girls I slept with or when I'm having sex with her lol. she was very loyal when together.

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    • yeah well if she does then ill know to stop seeing her

    • Best Answer,imao

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