How common is it for girls to "sneak" moving into a S/O's place?

I'm talking about the "leave one thing behind" type of thing and before the guy knows it, she lives there. How common is this?

Any guys have stories of this, did you let her move in, did you tell her to get out?

Any girls tried this or know of a girl who tried this? How did it turn out?


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  • With my boyfriend and I, I would stay and then at 4am I would wake up and go.

    He told me he wanted me to stay the whole night.

    So, I bought my tooth brush, and my make up, and my straightener with me when I would go and then take them back. Then I started forgetting stuff sometimes so we though TOGETHER that I should just get two of everything.

    I didn't sneak into it lol.

    Then as things progressed and I'd stay the weekend, I'd have clothes there, and then I found a stray cat... and now we are living together.

    Neither of us are really sure how it happened. I think it's more so if you are gonna be staying the night it happens more on accident just because there are things you need in the morning to look and smell decent to your boyfriend.


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  • I'd say it's very common to leave thing or two behind, but you don't actually move into anyone's place without them knowing

  • All the time


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