What do you think about the "if he wanted to talk to you after the break up, he'd contact you" rule?

Do you think is true?

Do you think if a guy dumps a girl, he never wants to take to her again?

Do you think it would be foolish and viewed as bad for a girl to contact the guy who dumped her a year after their break up?


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  • I don't think it would be foolish for a girl to contact the guy who broke up with her a year ago. I think he himself wouldn't contact you if he feels that you are a) still not over him and he doesn't think it's healthy and b) if you told him when you broke up that you didn't want to talk to him again. If you want to talk to him you'll just have to reach out and do it yourself.


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  • One of 4 things could happen.

    Hey, look. She's talking to me again. I wonder if I could tap that one last time.

    Hey, look. She's trying to talk to me again, haha too bad, that bitch.

    Hey, look. She's trying to talk to me again, How's it going? Maybe we could start fresh.

    Hey, look. She's trying to talk to me again, How's it goin'? Haven't heard from you in a while.

    I personally don't keep in contact with exs. It ended for a reason. No need to bring stress back into my life.

    Regardless, good luck!

    • Do you have any ideas on what I could say? (keep in mind this would be on his wall and we have a lot of mutual friends).

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    • Well, I did it, he replied. I'm glad. I thought he wouldn't even reply.

    • Good there you go!

  • hmm idk. a lot fo thgins could happen. the guy may go oh hey loook that bitch. or oh hey look goood times. yonever know

    • We're talking now, just catching up, but at least he replied.

    • personally when someone dumps you ,it is a cruel thing to do,so why would you want to talk to anyone who thinks that low of u..he should have reached out not u..it makes you look like someone who allows another person to mistreat u.Of course he is talking to u,probably felt like a low life for doing it..now this

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  • Don't talk to him unless you want to bring confusion in your life. If you broke up why do you want anything to do him? If he contacts you ignore him. They don't deserve your time or energy. Where is your self worth? Poor thing. We will be here when you post the question about why you allowed him to hurt you again?...Expect it. Accept it.

    • It has nothing to do with self-worth, he was a friend before an ex boyfriend, I can separate the two. I think it's negative people like you that perpetuate societal stereotypes...poor thing.

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    • It's not that I want to date him, if I did then I'd actually 100% agree with you, but I simply want to know if he's happy. It's a one way street with no expectations of more aka no hopes riding on something going wrong.

    • I know love, but I promise you from experience nothing good will come out of it. He doesn't care about you. He doesn't care about your happiness. Let him be. They day he dumped was the day you should have stopped caring. I know it is hard because as women we always love and majority of the time we love more, BUT you have to leave him be. Don't contact him. Put all of this energy into a man who really cares about you. Let him go officially even if it hurts.

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