Looks at me and then looks at the ground when we make eye contact? Bad sign? Have I creeped him out?

I've liked this guy for a while now. We work together, but I am leaving soon. I finally figured it'd be okay to start getting to know him better because I am leaving. He's 5 years older and REALLY cute! He's kind of quiet, but I've seen him laughing with other people who work there.

We haven't talked much... mostly just passing by and making a quick joke? I really want to get to know him better, but we work in a fast paced environment where we're all in the same room together! There would be SO much gossip if I told anyone about my interest in him. It has been an absolute secret.

We were in the Emergency Room.

I feel like a girl a 12 year old kinda crush... I look at him and I get all the butterflies in my stomach!

I'm 24 By the way. Several weeks ago I got SUPER wasted with some friends. We found him on fb and my friends convinced me to add him! so awkward! I don't know him THAT well! I hope he doesn't think I'm creepy! He added me back right away though. Turns out we went to college in the same city right by each other for a year and then I went to school an hr and a half from there. It was out in the midwest and we're back on the west coast now! We have some things in common! hurray!

Today, his shift crossed over with mine a bit. Hurray! Or so I was thinking... he passed by me and before I had a chance to say hi he just quickly looked at the ground. He wasn't smiling or anything so I kind of... felt awkward? I was surprised to see him and I think he was surprised to see me! It just felt really awkward. He looked really busy and kind of in a bad mood tonight. I never caught him alone the rest of the night. I would have had to have walked up to him in front of the entire group and said hi to him on his computer to get his attention after that... so would have been awkward!

I noticed him glancing in my direction once... but who knows, he could have just been glancing in my direction, yanno? The patient board was behind my head and maybe he was looking at that?

Idk, if I've worked there for 3 months and see him 3-4 times a month... and nothing has happened by now... are my efforts pretty futile? Is it even worth a shot? I was always told that if a guy is interested he'll make the first move. I'm not sure if that's always true. I was just told not to go chasing boys.

I was going to write him and say that the nurses had told me he was new to the area... and maybe ask him if he'd like someone to show him around. I've lived here all my life except college, he moved here afterward. Is it totally creepy if I write him over fb? I mean, my last day is in two weeks and I don't think we have any of the same shifts together! I feel so screwed. I honestly just don't see him much and there is hardly time for conversation in an ER.

I mean.. I guess if he says nothing or says no at least I've tried?
Updates! Finally confessed to a nurse friend at work that I'm into this doctor. Her response? Oh isn't he kind of awkward? I was like no! he's totally cute and my type! Her advice: Talk to him gradually, build some rapport, I have a good chance... She said he's a new doc so he gets kind of nervous and in his tunnel vision world. She said I'll have to break him out of it to get is attention. Today, I sat next to him for an hr. Talked, made eye contact. Small talk! Step by step! He is gorgeous!


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  • holy hell.

    i thought this was going to be a quick read. I was wrong. I'm... not going to read all that just to say

    Eye contact (from Men) often reflects confidence, not certain feelings

    if he avoids looking at you when you look at him he might just be shy/ unsure and nervous

    • hahaha yeah... sorry! It is SUPER long. I just wanted to fill it with details! He comes off as a super shy guy. Ugh. I just... suck at this. I work in a place where talking to him would raise questions to EVERYONE in the room. I'm shy too. Do you think he thinks I'm creepy for adding him on fb? I mean... we haven't talked A TON, but we know who each other are.

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    • dont push it off now! next month can become the month after, and then it becomes too late. Act on what you want and take the reigns of your future.

    • hahahaha. OK ok! I think I will haha. It's almost the New Year anyway... maybe he is date-less! I am!

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  • he is a shy guy

    • I think he is! He seems like it at work!

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