I want him back, please help!! I miss him so much

Im a freshmen in college.This guy that lives on the same floor as me and I have been hooking up since September. We had great sex all the time, partied together, etc. He never took me on any real romantic dates, however, we still hungout with our mutual friends and on our own. When we first started hooking up, he would constantly tell me how he always thought I was the best looking girl that he seen at our residence, and that I was his first pick from the second he saw me. His friends also would always tell me how he has very high standards and that I was the only girl to him that really suited his standards. They also would always tell me how he'd always talk about how he really liked me. So to sum this up, I KNOW he was very attracted to me. Anyways, a couple months after we started hooking up, we still hadn't discussed what we were both looking for. We werntwernt dating, but we wernt hooking up with other people either. Apparently according to his friends, he wasn't looking for a relationship. I found this not very surprising however it confused me because I thought he was really into me. Anyways, after a couple months at parties I would be drunk and grab his hand (apparently he got freaked out by it because he's scared of commitment) We started drifting from eachother (not hangout out hardly ever, only having sex when we were wasted) and he hardly texted me. Then, a good friend of our (the person who introduced us) died suddently, and we became even more distant from it. Things got so weird. He then texted me a couple weeks later asking if he did something to make me hate him. I replied how he didn't do anythong and that I just thought he was losing interest in me. A couple weeks later I found out he was hooking up with ANOTHER girl from my floor... apparently though, according to a bunch of people, she was way more into him. Like she tried to have sex with him, and he wouldn't do it. If they were hooking up and his friend texted him, he would leave her and not care. Apparently he was just hooking up with her because she was good looking but he didn't have sex with her (which surprised me because he would ALWAYS want to have sex with me) Also, apparently he never bothers with how she's doing (he always would with me) anyways I haven't spoken to him since he contacted me asking if I hated him. No ontact went on for over a month. Yesterday, he liked my profile picture of Facebook (I posted ones before that he didn't like) so is this a sign that he wants to maybe get back with me? Its not like anything happened between us to make us dislike eachother. He just thought I wanted a relationship and he wasn't ready. I also plan on texting him a Merry Christmas, (first time ill talk to him in 1.5 months) is this a good idea? I feel lke he does miss me, because I knew he cared for me (especially hearing about how he's treating his rebound girl compared to me) What do you think? Please give me advice, I miss him a lot and care for him very much. Thanks


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  • he is a douche..if he cared he wouldn't need to hook up with anyone else..u need to forget this clown and find a MAN who knows what they want or deal w heartache from this piece of work

  • This doesn't sound like it is going to work out.


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