Girls, what are the things you would consider cheating?

Basically, what actions you would say that your boyfriend had cheated on you? Assume you saw him with another fine young lady (No, mother, sister, cousin, etc)

List examples or situations that are

Second, which of these would you say cheating?

1) Your saw your guy sharing a meal with another girl? (Would it opinion change if you saw them in a fine restaurant or fast-food)

2) You saw him in a movie theater with another girl (Lets say, with group of friends, like 3 guys and 3 girls)

3) You saw him flirt with another girl at a bar or something


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  • 1) Yes. Opinion would only change if it was a work lunch, and/or if he told me about it first.

    2) Maybe, depends if it was a triple date type scenario and if I knew he was going

    3) Did we go to the bar together, or did I catch him there? If we went together, then no, but red flag.

    Other actions would include any kind of physical intimacy, going on a date, getting a woman's number in a romantic scenario, and romantic texting/sexting he wouldn't want me to know about.

    I follow the rule of: If it's something he wouldn't want me to know, see, or hear, it's cheating. I hold myself to the same standard.


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  • I wouldn't consider any of those three things cheating. The third one would be disrespectful I suppose, but I wouldn't go as far as to say it's cheating. In my opinion, cheating is when bodily fluids are exchanged (so kissing at the very least) OR anytime "private parts" are handled.

  • 1. If she is single and pretty and he took her to a nice restaurant for dinner without talking to me about it first, I consider this a form of cheating

    2. Depends how they are seated and how he is acting. If they are sitting so one girl is beside each guy then it seems like a date and it would be very hurtful, I might even be pissed. Specially he never mentioned anything about it to me. I would feel he is unfaithful to me and that I can't trust him.

    3. It would be hurtful and I would question the trust I have for him.

    Always communicate with your girl if your gonna hang out with another girl, so she can know the situation, who the girl is and that you only have feelings for her and not the other girl.

  • Going anywhere with another woman ugly or pretty who is not a blood relative and I am not there...

    Talking to another woman ugly or pretty who is not a blood relative privately and frequently whether the convo is sexual or not.

    Flirting with another woman especially if we have talked about how disrespectful it is...its like the step that leads to it and a nono in my mind.

    Sexual immorality

    Fondling another woman

    Forming an emotional attachment

    Looking at p*rn

    so many things...probably things I don't even know that people do...that


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