Girlfriend gives deadline on move in and makes Maid demands?

So girl I've been dating, for 9 months stated we need to move in together when her lease comes up in March. I'm obviously paying for everything and she also states I would need to get a maid because she would be angry if she came home to a messy place. My reaction is like wait a second, how can you move into my place , not pay anything, and then demand I pay for a maid. I started to insuate that if your not paying anything then she should pick up slack in other areas...but she didn't seem to be having anything of it. She says if I make her sign a new lease at her place I don't care about her and were basically through... wtf?.. I'm feeling a lot of pressure here. On top of that were not exactly in a smooth patch. Do I just move her in for like 6 months and see what happens or pull the plug?...
So I told my Girlfriend that I didn't think I was ready and offered to pay for her renewal fee for her lease. She has turned a 180 on me and is treating me like crap. Says she told her roommate that she was moving into my place in March , so the roommate said she's not staying anymore. Now my Girlfriend says I put her in a horrible position and called me a moron and asshole. What the hell?.. how is this all coming back at me.. so the roommate suddently is gone 3 months prior to lease?... This really sucks.


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  • LOL WOW, who is this girl to think she can put demands like that on you?

    She seems pretty spoiled to me, why would you want to be with a girl like that? I totally agree with you, if she is not paying for anything, then who the heck does she think she is to say you need to get a maid? Umm, if she can't help pitch in and help around the house, where she also lives, and isn't paying anything, then she shouldn't be moving in with you.

    I get angry when I come home to find my boyfriend threw the clothes everywhere when he was looking for something, or made a mess and left it. But I also work full-time AND I also clean, a lot! And cook every night. But I don't demand a maid, it's simple. We work together to keep the place clean. So he comes home and cleans too.

    You've only been seeing her for 9 months, why is she allowed to demand that you move in with her? Why are you giving her so much power? I don't get it.

    Dump her, she can clean her own place :P I think it's pretty rude of her to demand you pay for everything, then demand a maid. Umm, no. Two people are quite capable of cleaning a place, especially if they work full-time. Yes it's hard, but that's life.


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  • Okay, so let me see if I'm understanding this situation right. Her lease is us in March, and she knew about this for some time, correct?

    Then she says to you that she is moving in with you, tells her room-mate this (prior to you knowing about her plan/decision), and when you said no, she now has a temper tantrum and calls you a moron?

    Run from this spoiled brat! She sounds nothing but trouble. How is this your problem? You didn't put her in this situation, she did this to herself.

    3 months is adequate time to find a place on her own. Most people have to give a month's notice and if their lease isn't being renewed it's usually a month's notice. So she is in pretty good shape. She has 3 months to find a place.

    I feel like this situation has brought out her true colours. Sounds to me like she is a headache, I would dump her.

    This isn't your problem, she's a big girl and needs to figure this out on her own. Pretty much every other adult in this situation would have to do the same, and they wouldn't be making this much of a fuss.

    This really sounds like she told her room-mate, before talking to you what she had decided in her head, that she was moving in with you. In any normal relationship, both people talk about this sort of thing. It's not a unilateral decision made by one of the people involved that they are moving in and that's that. Let alone, DEMAND to move in then DEMAND you to pay for a maid.

    I'm curious to find out that if she is not willing to pay anything if she was moving in with you, maybe her lease is up because her room-mates aren't getting any money from her either?

    IF that's the case, then you can't let her move in with you. Not even on a temporary basis, because she will take advantage of you.

  • Pull the plug..!It's not worth it..Cleaning isn't such a big deal..She should be grateful that u'll be allowing her to move's just been 9 months..and she is already making unrealistic demands...or at least offer to pay...

  • Your girl friend is not your cleaning lady. Sorry to break the truth to you. Not on the smooth path might the the symptom oy your belief that it is, come to think of it.

    • any roommate rather they are in a relationship or not should either pay half rent or help with house keeping and maybe cook if they can.

  • Pull the plug. Talk to her about it maybe tell her she's being quite demanding and in no position to do so.

  • If you're not ready, then tell her

  • Listen, ..if you do ull resent her, and you won't be able to be upset when your not happy..cause she is telling you what she's not going to do from now.. so you better think long and hard. . This will be the beginning of your end..I promise u. My opinion don't do it,

    Cleaning is nothing. Unless you guys have demanding jobs, and even so she can clean and you too. But since she's not paying half or the minor stuff, yeah she's lazy, she's gonna save her money and leave you when she finds someone else who won't tolerate her bull shit.

    • @update..she's lying, you can also tell her to take her money and get a studio a smaller place...idk, she's forcing a situation. Ull regret it can't say when but you will eventually, and especially with such demand and nothing being giving in return.

      Good luck ull need it.

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  • How do I put this... she sounds like a complete bitch. The sooner you get her out of your life the better.

  • her views on men seem that they are out to serve her or there's no point in them.

    I think she has a messed up view on what a boyfriend is.

  • She is using you. Do yourself a favor and dump her. Accusing you of not caring about her is classic manipulation to make you look like the bad guy, and her the victim. Don't put up with this. A woman needs to bring something to the table if you are going to be in a relationship with her.

    A relationship should be a partnership. If you are contributing a lot and the other person is contributing very little then it is not a healthy relationship. Both people need to bring something to the relationship. Sounds like this woman isn't bringing anything to the relationship except for her vagina. That is not enough. Why stay with a woman that offers so little? Dump her and find a real woman, that has more to offer, before she gets a legal claim to any of your money. For God's sake don't get this woman pregnant. She will bleed you dry in court.

    • @update. She is manipulating you. She is trying to make you feel bad so you will do what she wants. This isn't your problem. Dump her and walk away.

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