I found out my ex is a cheater. Who am I doing a favor for him or her?

I found out my ex is a cheater after years of being together. I broke up with him as he tried to get us back together.He has been a couple of months with his girlfriend. If I don't tell his new girlfriend am I doing her a favor or him? If I tell his new girlfriend am I doing her a favor or him? Why?


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  • You shouldn't care about that. It would show him you still care about him (trying to get him off her), and she would think you are the psycho ex who can't get over him.

    • That comes with the territory of being the ex girlfriend so what's the worst.

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    • Concerned about other people's feelings besides myself unlike him. Plus men do it all the time they will scream slut from across the room if they know she is one.

    • Men don't do this. Jerks do this. Anyway, do whatever you want, you have to learn that she won't listen. Merry Xmas :)

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  • dont bother she will find out on her own that he is a cheater..if he cheats on this girlfriend. Leave it alone


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