Why does he back out of plans when it's just me and him?

Bryan has always showed that he liked me. He asked me out when I first knew him and I rejected his offers cause I had a boyfriend at the time, but we remained friends. When we go out with friends, it's like all eyes are on me, cause he just stares at me and he even told me how much he loves me and it even verges on weird and too much cause of how much he likes me.

But I am a free woman now, and Bryan asked me out but he would back out. Or he would blow me off. I don't understand it? Like he told me how much he loves me but yet he backs out when it's just the two of us. Like when my friends and I get together and one of my friends asks him out he won't back out. Also I picked him up Friday night at a friend's house and he wanted to go to a restaurant/bar as "payback" for me picking him up, and I told him no thank you, cause I looked terrible and it was a Friday night and for him to not worry about it. Then Saturday he asked me out to a bar and I accepted it, but then he blew me off, and he didn't call me back. He was really drunk though, but he did call me the next day, but I just didn't pick up the phone cause I was mad. I just don't understand why he backs out? Should I be angry? Or should I tell him off? What should I do?


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  • Sounds like he's afraid of being 1:1 with you. He likes you but he's terrified. He's also playing games a bit. Doesn't sound like he's quite mature enough for all of it.

  • he plays games. he likes the chase and ego boost not you


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