I am so F+cking angry at an ex right now. I really need to vent.

I was only dating her for two months. She came on really strong. This is back in the summer. Now she's been weaving in and out of my life. Avoiding me, then appearing, and then disappearing. She has refused to talk to me about the relationship until recently, I confronted her on fb.

First and foremost, I'm really pissed that she ignored me, and then started interacting with my friends on my wall. She even added one of them. This is all while she has ignored me for a month. Her explanation, she adds people all the time without thinking, and she was ignoring me because she was giving me space.

Giving me space by interacting with my friends and teasing my friend she doesn't even know right in front of me. What the fuck?

She came back into my life after breaking up with me, I had no idea why. When she was breaking up with me, she kept changing how she wanted the relationship, till finally she decided she couldn't be friends with me, and told me she'd give me stuff back to a mutual friend. Then she's at my house the next week. No explanation as to what the fuck is going on the relationship. Three months later she finally explains that she came to hang out with me as a way to bridge are relationship into a friendship.

I broke off the friendship because I had feelings for her. I asked her to take her clothes back and give me my stuff back, because I wanted to move on. In response she refuses any contact with me for five weeks (thus not allowing me to feel closure and move on), and just shows up one day because her mother's partner wanted his umbrella back.

I ended up breaking it off with girl later that night.

I am so fucking mad. I can't decided if she's being cruel or if she is really that inconsiderate. Instead of breaking up with me, she hid from me (with great effort) for a month, then broke up over a shitty fb message. Then came back in my life. I hate this girl so fucking much, I don't understand why I care about her.


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  • Sounds like she is playing games with you and Is sick in the head. Some people have no real emotions and provoke emotions from those who care for them to feed off them to fill a void inside themselves due to their lack of emotion. An emotional vampire if you will. Get away and stay away, you will never get closure from this type of person. Just accept you came across a fruitcake and feel lucky she didn't take you for everything you've got before showing her true colors.

    • It's interesting that you say she has no real emotions. Because she did recently say to me "at least you can still feel. And you'll find a nice girl to share that with"... implying that she can't feel. Good on you for picking up on that. You're a smart one narc-slayer.

    • Hey, thanks for the BA. These types will suck you dry of emotion and self worth if you are with them long enough. They also will leave you with a feeling that you are the crazy one and it must somehow be your fault. Don't be fooled, she is the crazy one.

      Make everyday count, and don't rest until you reach the top. Best of luck to you.

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  • U sure you didn't cheat on her or something? if not then Take it easy try to calm and call her or talk to her like serious talk why she is acting this way tell her that you don't want anything from her but it's your right to get an explanation of the whole thing.


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  • You just move on, tell her to piss off the next time she contacts you, and move on.

    Totally psycho, just let her in her gutter and forget her.

    Delete her and ignore her completely, that's the best way to act.

  • She's a flake and was playing with you. Next time have some backbone and don't put up with shit like that.


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