Ladies Would you make the first move, by reaching out to a guy who you've liked forever, who has no clue?

i've been interested in my highschool crush for some time now, we Haven't spoken in 7 years, not sure his status completely..but I dream of him and think of him all the time, my family loves him they even tease that he's going to be my husband, I'd give almost anything to be with him, but rejection and broken hearted again isn't a risk that I'm sure I'm willing to take even for him, I pray about it.. but don't wanna risk my heart, but don't wanna miss out on this opportunity, I've been open hearted in the past, which led to my guarded heart now,

what should I do?

i'd love to hear you positive feed back..

sincerely How will I know?

funny thing is that I'm great friends with his sister..

he takes my breath away, literally <3
it's better to love and losr than to never loved at all..

i don't wanna live in regret with

woulda,coulda shoulda... xD
i reached out, now no matter what the outcome is at least I tried thanks for all of your beautiful,insightful responses and advice

dreams do come true <3


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  • I think a women has literally nothing to lose buy making the first move. Guys are far less judgmental and defensive than women are far more inviting to being approached by the opposite sex.

    Also, "initiating" doesn't have to be something extravagant. I think so many women have this false idea in their head that "making the first move" means straight up asking a guy out on a date or to be their BF. It doesn't have to be that serious. Making the first move just means showing some signs of interest. Such as asking to hang out, flirting, initiating a friendly conversation, giving a compliment. Just something that gets the ball rolling. I know as a guy that all I ever ask for and need from a women. I just want the green light that says its OK for me to take things further. When a women doesn't initiate in such was that I previously listed, guys are more likely to be hesitant for fear of offending the girl with her advances, since the reality is this is how most women react to unwanted attention from men.

    • wow this gave me tears so beautiful thanks so much, I reached out =)

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  • Talk to him. See how he's doing. Maybe he had a huge crush on you in high school too and you guys can get married and write a book that will eventually serve as the basis for a movie on Lifetime.

    Realistically, however, he might not be interested in you. You'll never know unless you try, though!

    Just remember it's not the end of the world if he's not interested. There are plenty of other guys out there.

    • Thanks I think lol c= jk

      Great advice

  • You should have made a move a long time ago. Still it's better late then never.

    • thanks a lot coming from a guy, I find it odd that at prom while he was with his date he watched me a lot lol, thanks again, yeah I hope I'm not too late =)

    • If he watched you a lot at prom, it might not be too late.

    • sure hope so

  • Life is all about taking chances, that one moment where it is all on the line and everything counts. You should act upon it, the worse thing that could happen is he says no and you both move on with your life. He may seem like the only one but there are billions of people on earth there are many people out there for you. Take a chance and you will not regret what ever could have been, because then you still made an attempt.

    • thats right I agree I did reach out, at least I tried. thanks for your wonderful advice =)

  • the overwhelming vast majority of women are passive


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  • Go for it! You'll never know unless you try. Just prepare yourself for all possible outcomes and you'll be fine no matter what happens...

    • awwwh thanks so much =)

  • Meeting a New Guy... Why is this so Hard? It seems so strange, girls, women attend and congregate at a Bar, Club, Dance Rave etc., and at the latter you see guys at the rave dancing by themselves...usually junked up on ecstacy or some other illicit 'up' drug...whilst at the same time the Girls/Women dance together in twos and in a lot of cases are drunk to extreme...To them it's a "glass of personality" - a way of overcoming their inhibitions. At the Bar, there are guys at the bar, checking out the women who are seated in no less than twos. The guys look hopefully at all females, looking for that acknowledgement to make a meeting less painful. At a Club, Dance Club/Night Club there's not much difference between the first two examples. It seems that in the 21st Century the only way guys 'n gals can open up a conversation is by way of social media, chat line, text, Facebook...and there are more lies spun on those impersonal forms of communication than Politicians in Government. So what's a girl to do. These guys and I mean nearly all of them, have not got the balls to simply walk up to a table in a bar, or approach a girl buying a drink for one simple reason - "The Fear of Failure". So Ladies, I guess it's up to you...the only way you can get a guy (and I'm careful not to describe the subject as a Man) to approach you, is to let him know you want him to. This is an exerpt quote from

    • Your point is correct but for all the wrong reasons.

      I've gotten rejected by many many girls. I've even gotten rejected by girls who really liked me. Why? Because girls never actually show interest. They play stupid little games and conjure clever responses that hint at their interest but they never actually let their feelings known.

      So "let him know you want him" is sound advice. Sure you risk facing denial but guys do that all the time. If they can do it, why can't girls?

    • I actually don't know why people are down voting you. I think this is a great answer, if you understand what you are trying to say. I think more women need to recognize that its not really realistic to expect guys to have such an extreme level of confidence that he'll just walk up to a table of women and start flirting. I've only known about one guy in my life who would do that and he's a nut job. As a man, this is exactly what I want, just some indication that its OK for me to approach.

    • I don't expect her to necessarily walk up to me, even though that would be great too, if not better.

  • I say go for him, "nothing ventured, nothing gained". Best of Luck!

    • thanks a lot =) I agree

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