Why do I feel my girlfriend doesn't love me?

We have been together over 18 months and we have broken up and got back together many times. Until now, she has been very loving, but I feel I haven't been, now the tables have turned and I feel I have taken her position. Although it isn't a huge part of our relationship, we don't have sex as much as we used to. I used to spend the weekend with her and we would be all over each other, now we have it once, and it's usually as I am about to leave. It feels as if she 'needs' to get it out of the way or I won't be happy. I asked her if everything was okay between us and she replied yes, I just have a headache, I don't know if she was avoiding the question ?


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  • She might need some magic in the relationship try new things with her surprise her girls get really frustrated with expected everyday things


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  • If she seems distant, something is going on. Girls only push away for one of two reasons:

    1. The fear of being hurt again (usually because of a past relationship or because of break ups within a previous relationship). We don't want to be in something and let our emotions out completely only to be let down and hurt yet again. She may feel like you being very loving now is too good to be true since you weren't always before.

    2. Feelings are changing. Don't immediately assume this one, but girls start to seem distant when our feelings change. We usually care about the other person a lot and know how they feel and don't want to hurt them so we act how we think they other wants us to without having the feelings attached.

    You need to actually sit down with her and express your concern to her. Something is going on and she just isn't telling you. If you don't want to bring it up quite yet, next time you hang out, just actually hang out. Without the sex. Show her you still care about her for who she is and not for what she can do for you. If she acts strange about this and questions you as to why you're not having sex tell her why. Usually a girlfriend would like this change because it shows how much respect and love her boyfriend really has for her and that he can be romantic. But either way, you need to sit her down and talk. Don't let her "headache" be an excuse.

  • just let her go. no need to question it. it's just not meant to be


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