Ex feeling comfortable with me again?

My ex and I broke up a while ago. We talk every now and again most of the time she texts me first. This summer she help at a county fair taking care of cows. She rode with me in the truck when we were moving animals and we did not talk much and we were both OK with not talking. It was not uncomfortable too. She stayed in our trailer one night, she also seemed to sit near me or next to me when we were hanging out with friends. The last time I saw her was a couple nights ago at a party. I didn't talk to her at all I only said hi and bye. She did drive my younger brother home, I was going to stay later them he wanted too.

I guess it's hard to judge if she is feeling comfortable. I guess just testing the waters is a good feeler. I feel like we could get back together. I know everyone says an ex is an ex for a reason. What do you guys think?


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  • I'm pretty much the same with my ex. We're cordial with each other, friendly even. We can have conversations with each other and keep each others' interest. But I wouldn't read into it and think that she wants to get back together. Though the fact that she texts you is more than my ex does with me. We only talk when we occasionally see each other with a group of mutual friends.

    I think it does mean she's comfortable with you again and can move forward past the break up and whatever may have happened between you two in the past. But it doesn't mean more than that. Being friendly doesn't equal "I want you back." She's just getting back into the roll of being cool with you again and making nice.


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  • She seems to be comfortable, but maybe you are not together for a reason but maybe you're getting comfortable again for a reason! Maybe the time of the relationship wasn't the right time but you're building it up again! Good luck, at least you get to see her and you enjoy your time with her!

  • She wants to be friends


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