Why is my ex still texting me on the holidays?

I dated this guy for 4 months and he kept saying he wasn't sure if he was ready for a actual relationship because him and his ex were off and on for years and they have a child together. But I got sick of waiting for him to figure out what he wanted and I broke it all off. He quit talking to me after that but he still texts me a merry Christmas or happy Thanksgiving. I know its not a mass text because it would tell me if it was but I know he is trying to work things out with his ex again but I still get the holiday texts and I don't understand why.


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  • Because he is weird and wants to have you hanging on a string for him in case it all goes wrong with his ex, so tell him to be a loser else where as your only into real guys with real intentions,x

    • That has been on my mind too, he's trying to hold onto me from a distance. I've been avoiding taking to him or seeing him the only time he says anything to me is on holidays

    • Yeah you don't need wasters and losers taking up your time, especially obvious ones like this dude, so yeah, just ignore the moans from him and they will soon fade,x

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  • He wants you back

    • The tricky thing is, he's still in love with his ex. He's just do back and forth. I hang out with the same group of friends as he does but he won't hang out with then if I'm there!

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