My ex of one year and a month cried when he dumped me.

So last month my ex decided he wasn't ready for a relationship and wanted to chase tail. He opened up and said that if someone asked him if he wanted to have sex. He'd say yeah. He said he didn't want to hurt me by cheating. So he ended it. I was his first girlfriend and we had a great relationship. But when he broke up he broke down when I hugged him. I asked why he was crying and he said it was because I love him so much. So I'm wondering what would make him cry because of that


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  • it was just very difficult for him to let you go, but he knows how he is so he's sparing you any future heartbreak.


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  • He cried because he didn't like seeing you hurt. I've done the same when breaking up with someone. It wasn't because he was confused or still kinda wanted to be with you - it was just because he didn't want to see you upset and be the cause of it.

    I'm sorry your relationship ended, but I guess you just have to move on.


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