Confused. Is she interested or not. what went wrong?

Im 42 she is 24 with a child from loser ex and she moved away. I met her about 2 1/2 years ago when she was waiting tables. I got her number back then but didn't really pursue anything cause I had just split with my wife and was looking to work things out with her. Fast forward, now divorced and we began chatting on Facebook. She lives in another state but thinks she is moving back here soon. I told her she just needed to hurry up and move back here and she was like I'm not sure I want to be that close to my ex, I was like he will never know once you change your last name and her response was to what... and she typed her name with my last. On one call she asked if she was going to see me when she came this way after Christmas to see her mom that still lives about an hour away. Anyway, we continued to talk and txt for over 3 weeks, so I located her address and sent her a gift for Christmas and she absolutely loved. But within a couple days our communication began to drop off and she mentioned her plans to come this way may be delayed due to weather where she is living now. I said that was no biggie but if she just don't want to get together to tell me. She was like why would I lie about that. I said no reason to and if you make by year end we can still take her son to go see a big light display if she thought he would enjoy. her response was of course he would like that, I always like going when I lived there. Two days later no contact at all, so I send a message on Facebook telling her that I really do want to see her, spend some time together etc. and that I hope my expressed feelings of this hasn't made her back pedal. And previously I had already told her the reasoning why I really didn't pursue her before due to the marriage think and I knew she was in that "party" stage, but we have talked and she has admitted and I can tell she has obviously gotten out of that due to her having a child. Anyway, after sending her that message on Friday night, she txt me Sunday evening saying that she had txt me Saturday but forgot to hit send twice (whatever). One txt was "all that mess, lol" and the next was how are you doing. I responded all what mess? and she never replied to that. I send her flowers on Christmas eve but do not put my name on them, I get delivery confirmation and after 5 plus hours still no text or anything. so I send a your welcome txt to make sure she got them and they were not just sat on her steps in the snow and she later reponds that was from you? I said good, glad to see that you received them with nothing else out of her. I kinda look for the bad in everything for whatever reason and later basically send her a good bye message on Facebook saying that I guess I did make her back step and that I wished only the best for her and her son. So what went wrong?


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  • I'm sorry but the age difference is huge, she may not have initially thought your interest was in seeing her and now she has realized she's trying to back off

  • Your a cradle snatcher dude


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