Help, what does this girl want from me?

This married girl I work with and I are friends. When I first started she would stare at me in meetings. We started to meet in the break room almost every morning and we'd walk and talk back to our offices. Then that stopped and we started arriving at the same time, meeting in the lobby and riding the elevator up together. We've had this weird friendship/relationship thing going on for 10+ months now.

So I will occasionally back off because she is taken and I have started to like her a bit myself. If I change up my routine or ignore/give her less attention other than to say hi, it seems to mess with her. When I do this she will come looking for me wondering why I've disappeared.

It's like every time I pull back from her she kind of acs crazy. Does she just want me attention or something? She has tried to make me jealous before by flirting with my friend in front of me, and if I ignore her for too long she will start talking and walking with my friend. When I start talking to her again she stops and drops him and comes back to me.

Why does she want my attention like this for? I know she only wants to be friend, but why does she act like this? It messes with my head.


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  • She likes you, she likes you, she likes you ...Jesus effing Christmas she likes u.

    She doesn't sound like a stalker, she sounds like a girl interested in a guy. And when said guy ignor her she gets confused..and does what she has to and gets to the bottom of it.

    • What do you mean by she has to do what she has to do to get to the bottom of it? How does this work?

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    • What does age have to do with my response?

    • I'm just curious. You seem to know what our talking about so how old? :-)

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  • HM. Even though she's married, I think she has some sort of crush on you. I would talk to her occasionally and send less time with her. Do you purposely met her at the same time or has she done that to be around you? Sounds like she really likes you on a slightly stalkerish level.

    • What does HM mean? Funny you ask because I have no clue! It's weird because when we used to do the break room thing in the morning I would test it out by waiting or delaying to see if it was more than random and most of the time she would seemingly delay too. Then I switched departments and she says at last we'll still have our morning breaks. Then she doesn't meet me in the break room anymore a nutrients into arriving at the same time. One morning in the elevator she questions me

    • Like have you changed your break schedule? I say no have you as she gives me this coy sneaky little smile and looks up thinking and says yes be been coming in later. Which clearly isn't true because I we were meeting around te same time on the way in. The arriving at the same time is a mystery too. At First I couldn't figure out how we were arriving at te same time. Then I figured if I arrived at the same time if see her so I continued to do so. One morning early on she says "oh we timed this...

    • Perfectly. There was one time recently after I had been ignoring her for some time that I saw her drive in the back way which she could see me park and get out etc. the funny thing is she has no reason to do so because she comes from the other side. I don't know what to think. Please read and give me your thoughts. Thanks!

  • She likes you, she's married, you're messing with fire, leave her alone or live with the disastrous consequences

  • Dude...DO NOT believe those answers below...I got through the same situation this year. She DOESN'T have a crush on you and you NEVER will have something with her. She likes you, your conversation etc but some women are possessive and that's why she'll try to make you jealousy when you try to give her less attention. That's her nature. I strongly recommend you to YES, give her less attention and when she try to make you jealousy just don't be or pretend you are not. Don't surrender to these kind of games, make her know you are not her toy, that you have a strong personality and that she must respect you...because flirting with you being married is a lack of respect.


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