How do I tell her I'm moving back home?

I'm finishing up my last semester if college and working two jobs and its still not enough to live off of. She's got her act together, good career nice house. I'm just too embarrassed to tell her but I want to be honest. I really like her and she seems to be into me.


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  • just be honest. it's better to be honest that things simply aren't working out professionally the way you wanted so you want to do something about it rather than stay in a situation that isn't working.

    hopefully she can be supportive and who knows she may even have ideas for how you two can work things out

    I think you just tell her. tell her you've thought about it for a while. you think you may have some better opportunities moving back home as it doesn't seem like much is happening where you are.


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  • If she's worth it she won't care. You're just finishing up college anyway, what more can be expected of you? Don't worry about it. Go for it.

  • If she's into you then she'll accept you for who you are

    I'm sure it's going to be a hard conversation but you just gotta do it

  • Be straight up


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