Why won't she let people know we are together?

Me and my girlfriend are back together after a break, we had been together more than a year before this. Everything is going well, however, she won't put it on Facebook at all even though when we first got together, she was eager to. I am currently away on holiday so I am missing new years with her.. I know there is a guy that is into anyone, he thinks that she is single.. I shouldn't be worried because I do trust her. She has told her family and friends.. just not this guy who she says IS unattractive.. We've now been back together 3 weeks and she's starting to get distant too..


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  • Maybe she is waiting to see if things will work out between you two. She is probably pulling herself away because of the breakup. Let her know that you love her and do sweet/nice things for her, be the one to text/call first, complement her on anything you like about her, be there for her, buy her a rose for no reason. And communicate if this is troubling you ask her-in a kind, concerned kind of way don't raise your voice or insinuate she is doing it to keep her options open.

    • I agree with Gloomy. She probably doesn't want to put it incase you break up again. No one likes to be the person constantly changing their status

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