I need to sort this before 2013 ends, I want this man so badly but.

Long story but I have a few guy friends (im a girl) over the last year me and 2 of them have developed feelings for each other which I believe are strong like proper connection so well suited for each other as said by everyone that knows us, problem is he's never done anything about it or made a move and its dragged on so long its killin me. The last few months iv hooked up with his friend always drunken and we don't have feelings for each other he just always made the move and I caved and gave in now apparently the guy I actually like I sort of hurt that this has happened and was annoyed. I don't understand how can he be annoyed when he won't help this situation along I have tried in vain but he just won't make a move. I think we still have a chance but don't know what to do or how to approach it its so frustrating I won't ever be with the other guy again not that I feel there's anything to feel overly bad about here iv almost given up on the one I actually want :(


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  • Just my opinion, don't feel any need to actually go through with this.

    Many guys have confidence problems, or commitment issues, etc. In other words, there are many reasons for men to hesitate when it comes to women. I have been on the opposite end of this situation before, and I can relate to him. You either need to find out his side of the story, or you need to wear the pants and make the move yourself. There's no need for you to follow the pointless tradition of guy ask girl. You can approach him about it and express your feelings. Communicate. That is one of my favorite words when it comes to relationships. Unless there is a clear flow of information between the two persons involved, the relationship will never come to fruition.

    Again, please don't feel any need to commit to any part of my suggestion. It is only that; a suggestion. Thank you for reading this.

    p.s. - Stay away from drunks.

  • "the one I actually want"...hmmm, if this were really true would you have slept with HIS friend- that does not sound good. You will have to confront him as he is now worse off than before. Speaking from a shy guys perspective he was probably worried about messing things up with you, to the point where he got so worked up that he couldn't make the move and now that he knows that you have hooked up with his friend, he will be even less likely to make any sort of move.

    If he really is the one you want then you're going to have to convince him that you are not the type of girl that sleeps with his friends, just becuase he was slow about making a move. You said you have tried in vain- how exactly have you tried if you don't mind me asking? Just wondering because some of us guys need it spelt out for us at times :)


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