Should I break up with my boyfriend? He is always busy and nonresponsive?

There is this guy that really liked me (he use to get me expensive chocolate every year for my birthday) and he kept begging me to go out with him. The problem is I was in love with his brother but after much pressure I decided to date the guy. At first it was great! We hanged out every week end and talked about anything and everything! And he was always trying to make me happy. But now it is different . He is always busy and never has time for me, I tried to be okay with it but now he takes forever to respond to my texts. I senthim one four days ago and he still has not responded (this is the third time he has done this and he always apologises but I am getting tired of him doing that). I feel like he is stringing me along and the worst part is I am still in love with his brother (we have a lot in common, unlike my boyfriend and I who have nothing in common) but the family knows me. What should I do?


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  • If he's lost interest with you can just dump him never talk to him again its better this way

    • Well does it sound like he lost interest in me? And what should I do about the brother?

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    • Since you can't give me a hug how about you give me a BA (:

    • Deal!

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