Why is my boyfriend moving too fast?

So I've known this guy for about 5 months now.

We started talking and hanging out about 3 months ago.

He would occasionally call me babe or baby before we became an official couple at the beginning of this month.

He has recently started saying "I love you", and has suggested moving in together.

He lives two hours away and drives to see me once or twice a week, since I can't drive.

He has recently started talking about taking a job closer to me.

(Now keep in mind, we have only been a couple for less than a month)

I appreciate him and I care about him, but saying "I love you" is a bit much at this point.

We have indeed had sex, but only twice and he is the first guy in a long time who I've had sex with.

He is also extremely competitive when it comes to other males who interact with me, he always has to one-up them, no matter what it is..

Why is he moving so fast? Is this normal? Should I be worried or looking for red flags?


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  • You should tell him you are uncomfortable with how fast things are moving.


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