Should I start a relationship with him?

Soi messed around with this guy for 3-4 years we date have sex talk on the phone we do what couples do but we can't seem to to make it official we just call eachother really good friends...back in may he had got into a relationship with this girl...but he didn't tell me I had to figure out myself on Facebook...i was heart broken...i seen pictures of them together down my newsfeed all the really bothered me...i tried texting him but he wouldn't text back...months later he writes me on Facebook saying he misses me and wants to see me...deep down inside I miss him so much but I hate what he did behind my back even though he wasn't really my boyfriend...but I want to say forget about everything and lets be together but I feel wrong...because of what he did to me...i know he said sorry and everythin but I'm it wrong to want a relatioship with him still cause he is all that I know I think I love him and it sounds crazy but I never been with a guy & he took my virginity we been through so much together...but he could just be using me because maybe him and girl is having problems right now I don't know...i do want to see him so bad I miss him so much...but he loves his girlfriend he puts it on Facebook all the time and on his Facebook it says he's still with why would he want to come back to me? I haven't wrote him back yet cause I'm confused but I want to...should I just leave this guy alone?Please help...any opinions are needed thanks for reading :)
This has nothing to do with sexuality ...i meant for this to be in the relationship category but thanks for anyone's opinion :)


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  • He sounds like trouble. No, you weren't together, but since you two kind of had a thing, I think he should have told you directly that he was going to be in a relationship with this other girl. You deserved an explanation from him and not some public status update on Facebook. Also, the fact that he texts you that he misses you while he's still with her is a huge red flag. He should resolve the problems he's going through with his girlfriend and not go behind her back and talk to you. It's a sign of unfaithfulness, and if he has no problem going behind her back, he'll have no problem going behind yours either. And lastly, it's very unhealthy to jump from relationship to relationship. Even if he did break up with her now, you would still have to wait a while before being with him. Otherwise he would just take the baggage from his previous relationship and move it to your relationship, which would not be good nor healthy.

    So to me he just doesn't sound like he's worth it. You deserve someone who will want you the most, and not just sexually. Because it does sound to me that since he's gotten everything from you (sex and so on) without committing to you, he probably doesn't want to commit in the future. Sorry. He wants to have his cake and eat it too. And as I said, he sounds like a cheater. So to save yourself from more hurt, just move on.


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  • Firstly he has a girlfriend. You can't start a relationship with someone if they are taken. That's just not the way it works unfortunately. Secondly I wouldn't read much into his "I miss you". It can't really be true if he says he loves his girlfriend and is still with her. It's probably just empty words that he said in order to keep a door open between you two. He knows you liked him and now he wants to see if you are still hung up on him despite having a girlfriend. It's nothing but a ego boost on his behalf. Unfortunately you have to accept the facts and that is that he didn't like you enough to be in a relationship with you. He liked another girl more and ended up with her. You said yourself, he didn't even tell you this which means he isn't even a decent guy. Why on earth are you still into him? He sounds like bad news and I doubt this is going to actually go anywhere. All you'll end up with is a broken heart yet again.

  • NO don't


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