Do you think I should I block my ex on Facebook?

My ex girlfriend left me for her current boyfriend. They are 10 months in and still together. As soon as she broke up with me, she blocked my Facebook and phone. She wanted to quit me "cold turkey." She has contacted me a few times since the breakup but we keep getting into fights and she keeps reblocking me. We never used to fight, but now she has a small fuse with me. I haven’t seen her in 10 months, or spoken to her in 4 months.

Recently after 3 months of no contact, she called my best friend and wanted to hang out. Also a week or so later she called one of my other friends (shes a girl) to also hang out. About a week after that, my ex randomly unblocked my Facebook for about 2 weeks and then reblocked me. I didn’t try to contact her during this time considering she said she never wanted me to talk to her again. She threatened me with a restraining order but never got one. So what is my ex doing? Why did she unblock and reblock me? Also my friends were her friends but they want nothing to do with her. Its weird how she went 3 months of not speaking to them to speaking to them and unblocking me at around the same time.

I do want to get back with her but I think I need to move on. What would it seem like if I blocked her?


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  • Well, clearly she's not happy with how things have turned out, but that's her own fault and she doesn't seem prepared to take responsibility for it (hence the fights). She feels guilty but she isn't prepared to face up to her guilt, so instead she wants to take the guilt away by finding some form of justification for her actions and convincing you and your friends of that.

    I think blocking her would be wise. It'll make it easier to move forward, else she's just going to keep dragging you into the mess she's isn't willing to clean up on her own.


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  • Yes just block her. it will be better for you in the long run


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  • Who cares what she's doing, what her motivations are? You do need to block her, since you seem unable to move on from the relationship.


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