What do you think about this? It's just weird.

This is kinda confusing to me. So there's this guy and he dated this girl briefly. He cheated on her and tried hooking up with other girls. He has a reputation for being a player and a jerk. Why, after months, would he get back together with this girl?


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  • Probably to see if she's willing to spread her legs again - it's easier to 'go down the line of girls you know and see who'll sleep with you and then up that line again and try again with the girls that have slept with you, because they are likely to do it again'

    Basically, it's easier to sleep with girls you've slept with before, rather than going out and trying your luck and maybe no fish will bite; his way is less energy draining

    • But why get into a relationship? Just for sex. He never had a problem getting sex.

    • Heck, he'll very probably not be faithful - but she will probably think he is and that's all what matters to him. So he's getting sex from his girlfriend, whom thinks he's faithful, while he sleeps around with other women.

      ...the lucky sod ;)

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