Complicated with best friend

We had a complicated relationship of flirty tension and chemistry, being jealous of each others love interests and what not, ultimating in sleeping together one of the last nights before he went away for a year. After that, he told me he realized that he sees me more as a friend. Now he's come back for a month and I thought it was going to be awkward but it wasn't. But a couple nights ago we sleep together again (with alcohol fuelling our actions). He kept asking if it was okay, and had a whole ploy as to why I hd to sleepover and such. The next night we slept in the same bed but we just slept there and didn't even cuddle or anything. I've been okay with it because I've decided to not care anymore, because I know nothing will ever come of it, but why the hell did he think that making a move was okay if he "thought we should just stay friends." Is it just a physical attraction? Or is it because it's comfortable? I just want to know what to think of this...


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  • You two sound confused. What is stopping you/him from giving each other a try at a relationship. You seem passive. What do you really want? He seems there someone else in his life?


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