You can dish it but you can't take it? what are your thoughts

I'm just curious, and. I am aware I am stereotyping, why boys seem to be able to dish out insults and take the piss out of you, but when you do it to them, they get really hurt. My past 2 boyfriends have been like this. Whilst I can take a joke, my last ex would insult me constantly, when I said it hurt me a bit, he said I couldn't take a joke and that he didn't want to be with such a sap. So I manned up, stopped taking it all to heart and began doing the same back to him. To which his reaction was to get really moody, sometimes cry and stop talking to me.

How was it I had to just take it and he was allowed to get hurt? Do all boys do this or is it just some?


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  • Wait, what? You're trying to say this is a male problem more than a female one? LMAO!

    • Doesn't really answer the question, but yes, I think it is more of a male problem, from personal experience.

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    • I didn't say anything about feminism so I find it interesting that you did.

      Whatever the reasons behind female entitlement today, the attitude is so ingrained in women like you that you cannot see things as they are. You're wrong and I'm not going to waste any more time trying to convince. There are of course some good women today and I won't waste energy or emotion on the others.

    • Umm excuse me but the fact women are a protected class like you said previously came from feminists fighting for their rights. So yes you did mention feminism. I suggest if you are going to blast people in the future with social politics, then you should do your homework first.

      I personally don't understand why you even bothered answering the question. All the while I wish you well, anyone who has to be as rude as you are clearly isn't enjoying life. I hope all goes well for you.

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