Is it too soon/awkward to tell him I’ll wait for him to get back?

I met a guy in the Air Force a few months ago while he was on leave. We didn’t spend much time together at first because he's not stationed near me, but we chatted on the phone and text 3-4 times a week since we meeting. He deployed a few days ago, and before he went, I visited him for the weekend (2 days and 2 nights). We had a good time and I said I wanted to see him again when he got home. He said he would like to see me too and hopes that he will have some time off after the deployment.

He will be gone for 5 months. From the start he was worried that his life style and deployments will get in the way of a relationship, even though he does want one. We agreed to stay in contact through email and I offered to send him some care packages once he knows his address. After our weekend together, we continued to text a little bit and the day before he left, I asked him to call me, which he did. I was thinking of emailing him a short email just to say Hello and so that he has something in his Inbox when he has a chance to check email. But I was also thinking I wanted to tell him that I want to wait for him and that I don’t mind that he is gone for 5 months. Is it too early to say something like that? We haven’t defined whether or not we are dating and we’ve only spent a lot of time together in person that one weekend.

What do you think? Is me saying that awkward and too soon, or might he appreciate it?


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  • personally, I would not say that. it would be kind of awkward imo


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