Should I kiss this guy first? (IDK if he's kissed before)

So me and this guy have been friends all semester but have recently started spending a lot of time with each other. We went out to eat and I held his hand. He reciprocated and the next day we saw a movie and held hands again. Then it was the end of the semester, so now we're halfway through the month off where we won't see each other, but we have texted a little bit. I really want to move things forward with this guy. His friend told me that this guy has never had a girlfriend, and I don't think he's ever kissed anyone either. That's why I made the move to hold his hand (which was hard for me as a shy person). Anyway, everyone is telling me to just go ahead and kiss this guy. Guys do you appreciate it if a girl makes the first move like that? I don't know if I should bring it up (since I don't know if he's kissed before) or if I should just lay one on him. Any tips people? I haven't dated in four years so I'm not very good at this.
  • Just kiss him already!
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  • Bring it up first.
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  • Wait for him to make the next move.
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  • if it makes you nervous to kiss him first, you could just kiss him on the cheek and see what happens. I was really into this super shy inexperienced guy (also never had a girlfriend) and we hung out a bit and held hands and so I kissed him on the cheek just to move things forward a bit and later that night he kissed me on the cheek too "to reciprocate" so then I knew he was into me and I told him just kiss me on the lips already lol

    if you're confident enough to just kiss him on the lips then go for it! that freaks me out personally, I've never done it before lol but I know guys like when we make the first move:)

    another option is, sometime, when you two are alone if you ever hang out at either of your houses or in your room or anything, if there's a quiet moment, you could just say "so...are you gonna kiss me?" in a flirty way though, not a pushy impatient way! that's worked on guys I've said it to before haha I hope I helped! :D


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