How do I know when to back out of a "flirtationship"?

Okay so I'm 17 and I've been talking to this girl for 3 months now. we were old childhood friends, and started catching up recently. We talked as friends for about a month, and after that we started flirting more and more. A good month ago, I asked her out without asking her parents first, and they said that they did not want her in a relationship, as she was just coming out of her last one. We carried on being "together" but not dating until now. Now, I have tremendous feelings towards this girl, and I feel like she is fading away and she's not feeling what she used to . I was wondering if I should chase her more, wait a little longer, or think about leaving the situation sooner rather than later.


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  • i don't think chasing is a good idea. well, it kind of depends on the girl, but if it were me it would just get me really annoyed. I believe being clingy or too dependent is a turn-off. I really hope for you her feelings aren't fading, I think the best way to go is to sometimes remind her that you still care about her, but not like all the time. give her some space but don't give her too much, get it? ah, I guess we're just really complicated people... I tend to get stronger feelings for a boy when they are there for me when I'm going through a hard time. so there's a tip. don't chase, don't wait, but don't leave it either. just show her some affection, but don't overdo it. as long as there's still hope you shouldn't give up :) good luck!


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