What did my ex mean by this?

So just a month ago. My ex and I hangout a day after work a couple week ago, but we ended up having intercourse, then out of now where we just start laughing and talking. And then he says Omg! I LOVE HAVING SEX WITH YOU. And I know as exes it shouldn't matter what your ex girlfriend or ex boyfriend do or say and how they act with you or other's. It's a reason why you two are not together many reasons why you guys broke it off and many of reasons they are your ex. And I really try my best not to worry about things he says or show him how I really feel for him but it gets hard at times trying. But anyways what did he mean by he loves having sex with me, or he didn't mean anything by it? Thanks... Him and I are really good friends


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  • It means that he liked having sex with you? I don't know why you are not understanding that. Plus your emotions are probably making you over think what he said and inside you are hoping it was a indicator of he's feelings (love) for you that hey may not even have anymore

    • No I was not hoping for anything. I mean it was just weird for me.. because he never use the L would. But that post was like last year.. him and I are just really good friend's. And also he dose have feelings for me still, he may not tell me but I know- and also yeah you was right. He dose like having sex with me! but we don't do it anymore.

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