Should I leave him alone, or wait around for him?

I've had the biggest crush on this guy, and when we first met, I was looking for a job and he told me to apply at his. Luckily, I got the job and we quickly became really close friends. Throughout my time working with him, I could never tell if he was really interested though. We'd sit in my car after work and talk for hours, but he'd never make a move or anything so I just thought that he considered us really great friends. Anyway, he's leaving for college for the spring, and his last day at work was a couple of days ago, and we made plans to hang out for New Years. On New Years, we went to a friend's house and ended up upstairs in my friend's room. There, we began to play-fight, and ended up laying on the bed and talking for an hour, until I finally couldn't stand it anymore and kissed him mid-sentence. We ended up making out for a while, and then we went downstairs and watched a movie, cuddling on the couch and touching each other under a blanket. After the movie ended, we went back upstairs and we hooked up, pausing only to look at the clock and see that it was midnight, said happy new years, kissed and kept going ;) and then finished up around one. When it was time to go, we walked to his car and I kissed him goodbye, and he told me "see ya in four months" since he'd be coming back to our job after spring semester was over. Anyway, the day after, I texted him that I couldn't stop thinking about him, and he followed up with "what are you up to?" I take it that since he said that and hasn't really made any effort to talk, it must be a one-and-done thing? it sucks because I really like him and think he's amazing, but also he's leaving for college (i'm a senior in HS, btw) so should I just leave him alone since he doesn't seem to share the same sentiments I do regarding hooking up, or should I wait around on the chance that maybe when he comes back, we can pick up where we left off?

thanks :)


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  • Well from what your saying I think it was a one night kinda thing, but to be sure you should ask, but you really shouldn't wait around for someone who may never come back.


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