How do I break it off if I don't want to?

I HAVE TO break it off because I tried really hard to be a certain girls best friends but she is married and I am pretty sure when her husband comes to united states she will completly stop talking to me because her husband is jelous type.and I don't want her getting into a uncomfortable situation but I want her company she is awesome person.


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  • I'm sure you could probably still keep in touch...such as through texting and would really be up to her with whether or not she wants to tell her husband about you...

    So I'd say you don't have to break it off...she should be the one to do it if she feel as though that's the right thing to do.

    I'm wondering you have feelings for her outside of friendship? Are you attracted to her?

    Answer mine please: link

    • i don't know what it is to have feelings for someone because I am not a big fan of dating due to my religion and how I was raised.

    • Explore and find out! I didn't know until a couple years ago

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  • Not much you can do. You're going to have to find a new friend.

    • its so sad because I care about her so much ;(.

    • I'm sorry but that's the way it goes.

    • give me something to write her because I want her to know that I wanna be her friends but I can't because I don't want her in a difficult situation she has told me before she can't do what friends normally do.i don't wanna be in a relationship becuase I have allot of childhood troubles and I want to get old with at least one person I know that didn't hate me right in my face like everyone else does.

  • Just walk away fro this


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