Found boyfriend on a dating site behind my back.

I was having weird feelings about my boyfriend. I decided to look on a dating site today and found him active today! We met on match but I found him on another site. He has been lying/cheating to me and been treating me crappy the past week. Guys what is the best way to end this so it makes him feel crappy. We have been together 3 months and commited.
I confronted him about his recent behavior and the dating site.. He apologized profusely and stated he has issues about intimacy he needs to resolve from his past relationships. He swears he did not go out with anyone from the site which I actually believe.. I told him he should not date at all, blah blah, blah.

He said I'm an awesome person and he still wanted to text me even if I never text him back. I told him it is too painful so he said he will leave me alone.

Did I do good?


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  • Personally, I'd say key his car but I only did that because he cheated on me with multiple girls, but he never cheated on another girl so, it was effective. Oh also public humiliation works too.


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