I won't get involved but?

I won't get involved but I just want an opinion. My friend and her best friend who is married sleep together here and there. They have had this thing for each other for at least 8 years but he has been married for one year now and eloped. She said that he tells her that he will keep up with this for as long as she wants to. He loves my friend (his best friend) and said that the girl he got married to is the next best thing to my friend. I asked her why he does this and she said that he said "I had and have the biggest crush on you. That's why your enough, I love you and always will." Why was he stupid enough to get married in the first place and why not just choose my friend?


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  • I'm going to give you my honest opinion, it may be harsh, but I'm not meaning for it to be. She is the side chick. If he "loved" her so much she would have the ring, and he would have eloped with her. He likes the thrill or maybe he's just selfish and doesn't want to let her go. Whatever his reasoning is your friend deserves better. Why would anyone want a love so toxic that not only will the person string you along, but they will also torture you with the knowledge of them being with another. It sickens me to know that people like this guy exist, and still manage to get two girls lovestruck.

    • Wow, great answer.

    • Thanks for Best Answer.:D I wish you and your friend the best of luck.

    • Thanks and you're welcome.

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  • if he really loved her he would not of got married, and if he did it would and should of been her, Your right not to get involved by the way. However this does sound like it going to end badly for someone, you can just be there for your friend if it is her who gets hurt

    • Yeah I agree, thanks for answering.

  • Y es he was stupid. What they're doing is immoral and they will get caught.


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  • It sounds like he just likes sleeping with your friend. If he really cared about her, he would be married to HER not his wife. However, he also just sounds like a disrespectful douche bag and I feel sorry for his wife.

    • Thanks for answering.

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