Do I need to back off?

I recently started a new job and have gotten very close with a co worker. We hang out all the time and I guess you could say we're dating. Although we don't go under that label. Basically we're friends who hold hands, kiss, and spend literally everyday together. He even sleeps over at my apartment some times when he's too tired to drive home. The only problem is that we both got out of serious relationships a week before we even met each other. My ex was abusive so I'm over him, but he says he's still in love with his ex. He says he'd do anything to get her back but she keeps rejecting him and he keeps telling me how much he likes me and how easy it would be to fall in love with me. Do I need to back off and let him concentrate only on her or should I keep going along with how he and I both feel for each other. We connect so well and I feel like this could be a 5+ year relationship.


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  • He's inlove with someone else...

    Would you want to be pursued if you were inlove with someone else? Honestly. Right now isn't you two times accept it sorry..

    • But he keeps initiating things between us and even when saying how in love with the other girl he is, he will tell me how into me he is. That's why I'm so confused

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