I drive my boyfriend crazy and I don't know why or how to fix it. help!

Myboyfriend of two plus years has all of a sudden became very distant and short tempered with me and I can't understand why. OK back story. Things started out difficult enough, we got together when he was still living with his ex girlfriend. I know nothing was happening there so I held my tounge. that's old news. When he eventually moved out closer to where I lived we started seeing eachother more and more because we could have the deaired alone time. Last month we broke up because he claimed I was selfish and made no effort for him. I doidnt and don't understand this because all I did and still do is run after him. Calling at the drop of aahat when he wants to see me etc. I'm not tje best listener in the world granted. Ill own that. I tend to zone out because I don't know what to sa why or do to help. Qhwn we got back together I made an epic effort to make things work taking him into consideration always and teying to listen to him but... and this is the hard part everything I do seems to drive him crazy. I'll ask him to go for a walk or a hike for example but if the weathers rough ill change my mind or whwn I make coffee and he doesn't like it he will go nuts. he's just come off the cigarettes and seems to be pleasent with everyone around him. He saus he's getting bored of scolding me like a child but I really don't understand what I'm doin to annoy him like that or how to fix it...

Boys please help...


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  • Sounds like you two just aren't good for each other. I see no need to beat the dead horse. Cut your losses.


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  • I think you and he need some alone time. I get it, it gets boring and annoying when you are around someone ALL THE TIME. It's just bad for both of you.

    Firstly I suggest to just ask what is bothering him. And don't let him come away with just "bored of scolding". He must be specific in order to find out what is bugging him so much.

    And if that doesn't work you should take a break from your relationship. Go on vacation with your friends, do fun stuff with them and enjoy your self. It's important that you don't contact him anytime during your "break". And let him come to you!


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  • to be honest, his attitude towards you is lind pf alarming. maybe he has a problem outside of your relationship and is taking it out on you, which is very wrong. Or sad to say,aybe he doesn’t really like you that much but for some reason, unwilling to break it off for the second time. If I were you a complicated relationship like that based on useless little annoyances is not worth it. Not all relationships are perfect, I know, but the things you say bothers him seem so insignificant, when there are more important things that couples should work on. its like he’s finding all these little stupid excuses about you that annoy him. Maybe ypur much better with someone who has less petty issues.


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