Anyone else dislike their mom or dad's partner?

I dislike my mother's partner and I despise all of his daughters they are all stuck up bitches and cunts.I told them if they move in together him and her, daughters I am fucking leaving.His daughters and I were all friends at one point but they are snobby and twofaced so I am not hanging out with them.How do I deal with him on a mature level?They have been together for 14 years going on 15 years it seems like my mother is going to marry him.She is not going to get a blessing from me EVER! I think she can do so much better honestly but I know it is not about what I want but she is pushing me away from my own family.Because he cames to my family gatherings and doesn't always mind his damn business and when he sleeps over it literally makes my blood boil I hate change it messes me up.Yes I know I need to grow up but I wanted to hear about your experiences and how you cope with situations like this.I am beginning to hate my mother, I told her if they are still together when I move out in a few years I am never visiting her and she is out of my life it is selfish but I dislike him.I am moving on with my life.Oh another reason as for I cut the daughters out because they ganged up on me and talked me behind my back and she turned her sister against me completely, The middle daughter bullied me put me down, spoke down to me, got mad when I got attention oh even thinks she knows more about me than I do about myself and even talks for me! I have higher self esteem I don't take that shit from anybody.I thought I would switch it up since you always questions about a mother or father not liking their kid's partner but it is their happiness that doesn't come first,
I cannot believe that a couple years I would convince her not to break up him with for the sake of my friendship of his daughters well things have changed huge time I don't give a flying fuck anymore since I hate his daughters.
I don't really hate him, I thought it though I fucking hate his daughters I refuse to share my mother with these c*nts.Since I am almost 100% sure they're getting married I am going to just disown my mother and cut off contact with her in a few years I am sick of her and her bullshit too.She is a huge bitch I am sick of her rules she can go be a mother to his children I have been sharing her for almost 15 years.It is my way or the highway I am not giving or taking for these people.
I resolved it with my mother I am not upset anymore


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  • I might not have liked all my moms boyfriends but I loved her and wanted her to be happy. That ment being an adult and be nice regardless of how I really felt. You need to do the same. Sounds like your stubborn or tend to hold grudges. Let it all go, they might not be your favorite people right now but you can change that.

    • They are eventually getting married so I will be gone way before than I am disowning my mother I hate her.She is a fucking bitch I don't want her boyfriend daughters around me they're trash what is said is said I know I cannot change that but I will NEVER get along with them nor will I like them once I dislike someone you might as well dig yourself an early grave.

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    • Thank you for BA. I'm glad your working things out with your mom. I didn't always have a great relationship with my mom between the age 18-21 but things got a lot better after I moved out. The truth is no one knows what will happen tomorrow or how long we have people in our lives " Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery but today is a gift that's why its called the present." Eve

    • Np it was the best answer and I was upset because I felt like my happiness was being compromised but I read into it.I was drunk when I wrote that jib jabber.And I agree with a lot of your advice whether I want to hear the truth or not it is needed in cases like those. I don't contact his daughters so I am holding an unnecessary grudge for nothing.I live too much in the past.My brother's drug addiction doesn't add to my stress.

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  • I think you need to figure out a way to handle things without making your mom choose between her daughter and her boyfriend. You are being very manipulative.

  • Anyone who ever said divorce never came at a severe mental / emotional / psychological price to the kids was full of it, as your post bluntly points out.

    • Yeah I resolved it,i was drunk when I wrote them.

  • Gotta love family values.


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  • My Dad says that this is very common on both sides.


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