Am I over reacting? She hasn't contacted me in a two days.

So after trying and failing to get with this girl many said we would be cute together. I thought she didn't like me, apparently she did and she thought the same bout me. A week ago I dumped my girlfriend who treated me badly and who I was with for the wrong reasons, so this girl texts me and say she has liked me.

2 nights in a row we spent close to 10 hours talking bout everything under the sun. But yesterday she texted me 'hey cutie' in the morning and hasn't texted back. I sent bout ten texts the first 4 or 5 just regular because I thought she was busy next telling her Id wait up for her call till I fell asleep the last was asking if I did something wrong.

Am I getting to worked up?
Ok so she texted last night and she sent 3 after that all to the same affect, a simple 'Im sorry' so I asked if we were going to Skype call or something and she said she was to tiered. Naturally I wasn't just going to settle for a few lowly texts of 'Im sorry' so I insisted on a good night call, we talked for a few minutes over the phone and made her promise me to text me tomorrow to plan our date Monday. Sent two texts the entire day... no response. what's up? If this doesn't get better, I'm done.
Ok so I am hearing a bit bout how I am clingy. But is it to much to expect a courtesy text saying she will be unavailable? I mean I am not expecting a text every 15 min or even hours but seriously? You tell me you love me and don't talk to me for bout 5 days after?


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  • You're worrying for nothing. Her phone might have broken or something might have come up. She clearly likes you and you haven't done anything to compromise that. I would take a deep breathe and calm down. She will get back to you when she can. Don't keep texting her! That will make you seem crazy!

    • I haven't at all today apart from one on the morning, so will I seem crazy or just concerned if its only the first day I did that and the second days just once?

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    • Ok thanks, its hard because I miss her so much but your right and I knew I shouldn't text more when I woke up lol.

    • I completely understand where you are coming from. I've been there before. Don't worry! She'll get back to you soon enough!

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  • You sound REALLY clingy, needy, and overwhelming. You're not even dating and you're already demanding a Skype call or at least a good night call not accepting her apologies? Talk about controlling and manipulative. That is a major red flag for her so she's probably trying' to stay the hell away, with good reason!

    • I would agree with if she wasn't the one who wanted the Skype calls first and she said 'I love you' first. If I am clingy what does that make her? SO might wanna check your self here^. Besides is it to much to ask for one text? Seriously she couldn't even let me know she wouldn't be available? Yah I am such a clingy and controlling guy, you know I let my last girlfriend go on a cruise for a week didn't say word or send a text till she did. You seem overly judgmental and possible attention seeking.

    • It's not like you included those details in your original question, so hold YOUR judgement buddy. It is too much to ask, because you shouldn't care so much. And mistake on her part saying I love you, because now look how it's got you.. People don't always feel the need to text. Oh wow, you LET your ex go on a cruise for a week. Controlling. You are a huge red flag for the books for girls to stay away from. Get yourself together bud.

  • Give it some time

    She might just be busy

  • Something may have happened to her phone or she got busy. 2 nights in a row talking for 10 hours is a long time too... maybe her thumbs were sore :P haha but really, don't worry about it- I'm sure there's a reasonable explanation, not like she just stopped having feelings for you in the blink of an eye.


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  • yes, you are...problem is now you probably just freaked her out with how needy you now you have to WAIT. Yes, it sucks, but it's what you have to do.

    • on update: you are WAYYYYYY too damn needy and demanding in the girl. Give her some space to live her life!

    • Again I would agree if it wasn't for the fact she came on to me, and already told me she loves me so I would agree with you but when you get a guy jazzed up like that bout being with you shouldn't you try to text him once a day?

    • No, she doesn't have to do anything. You're using the fact that she came on to you first as your excuse. Remember, people can change their minds in time. Your behavior might be changing hers...

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