I just want to move out.

Dealing with crazy parents but my dilemma is they pay for things. I am going to get my associates in psychology in July but what can I do with that? And my practical nursing license I can get afterwards? I was planning on doing the disney college program for 5 months and live on their campus for $300 and you work for them to get the feeling of living on your own. I want to move in a cheap area but without any degrees how am I supposed to support myself? I can create a cushion of $8,000 by selling my eggs in secret to a family nj need while I'm doing the disney college program in secret.. (Mom doesn't let me) by the way I'm 20. Turning 21. When I was 16 my parents were super strict and rarely let me see my boyfriend and when were together they would embarrass me purposely and I got caught kissing him outside my house (I was sneaking out to see him) and they took my phone away and said go get a job if you want it back and disconnected my brothers phone so he wouldn't help me contact my boyfriend and hid the laptops. Also when I was 17 I got roofied and they drug tested me and found out it was heroin and grounded me for 3 years and I still haven't been allowed out. So please don't say stay with them. I can't waitress because the plates are too heavy and I would make an awful waitress. Do you see my dilemma? Please help


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  • There are a lot of other jobs besides waiting tables, and a lot of them pay better. You'll need to find room mates to split the rent most likely. Also, if you're moved out and not living at home, it will be easier for you to get financial aid for school. You'll have to live lean until you get through your nursing program, but that's a worthwhile investment since nursing pays so well. Whatever you pick as a first job will most likely pay crap, but if you bust your ass, learn your job inside out, and keep focused, you should pretty easily be able to get promotions. Most people your age are too concerned about partying and having a good time to give you much competition at work, and the kinds of jobs most people get with no experience have high turnover, so there are always opportunities opening up.

    And there's absolutely no shame selling your eggs as long as its not black market. There are people who desperately want to start families, but are unable to do so on their own.


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  • If you need to sell eggs to manage living on your own you shouldn't be. Gets. Job first. And en, when you get a job, save up. Save up until you. An not only afford rent, but security deposit, bills, food, furnishing your apartment.

  • finish your degree! get a nursing degree, out of school you can make 80k in NEW YORK , plenty of money to move out and start a life.

    Stay with your parents until you get a nursing job after that you can leave and do whatever you want.

  • I know what you're saying man! My sister is looking to do that too. You should do it now before your eggs become old and wrinkly like raisins.

    • Where is your sister from lol?

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    • Like where does she live? I might be a good roommate

    • Totally read this wrong and thought you meant she was looking for a roommate lmao

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