Is this just infatuation or maybe a spark towards love?

Sorry if this is a little long but if you could read it it would be appreciated, I'll answer a question for you too if you'd like :) So Me and a girl I know through mutual friends in high school have been talking for 2 years now kinda off and on. We'd have friendly conversations every now and then and she suggested hangin out sometime but it really didn't happen. We lived an hour away from each other and our lives were busy with my fulltime job and her school. Now I've always thought she was a pretty girl and she's a nice person but the thought of being with her was just a debation. After all that time we didn't talk for a while and she randomly hit me up in September asking if I was still up for doing something and she was done with school. I was up for it and it still took a bit for things to workout. A month ago I moved back to her area and we finally had some legit time together. I seen a lot of similarities so I thought I'd try throwing a couple signs of interest (nothing sexual) and see what might happen later that night I found her and my sister talking and she asked me to leave cause it was a "private conversation" so I did. About 30 minutes later it was over, they went to the store together, she bought me a couple things (surprisingly), and we enjoyed the rest of the night together. The next day my sister told me all about their conversation and I guess she asked a bunch of stuff about me and some of the stuff she told my sister really hits me. The big one, my sister told her about my epilepsy and how I've had a relationship ruined by my girlfriend seeing me have a seizure. And she told my sister that it wouldn't scare her and she'd take care of me if I had one. At the end she told my sister that she wanted to hang out with me more, get to know me better, and then she'd give me a sign when she's ready. And we've hung out more and I can see she's interested in me. Now I've had epilepsy since I was 10 (now 25) and I've always been really worried what a girlfriend would do if she seen me have a seizure, What she said about that chopped that right off my mind. I don't know it just really means a lot to me. Now instead of debating I'm considering seriously pursuing her. Patience doesn't bother me with her, she shows me I can trust her more and more, we enjoy a lot of the same things and more. But I'm worried. I can't tell whether this is just an infatuation I have that will just fade or could this really be a starting point for something serious? I'm just kinda scared to try and start something if it won't work in the longrun...


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  • Well, obviously, she likes you and you like her. And if she said she will take care of you if you have a seizure. She obviously cares about you a lot. Go for it! If it doesn't work out, it doesn't work out. Its her loss. But she does care about you from what you are saying. Tell her you like her. :) I promise everything will be okay in the long run, no matter what she says,

    • I second this! The only way to truly find out is to try.

    • Agreed, tell her your feelings - don't jump into "I love you" but just tell her that you like her.

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  • I'm a health care professional, epilepsy isn't like your basic seizure as you know. What is your signal or warning sign? If it's the same, or if you know ones coming on, let her know. I don't think it's infatuation. Some girls don't care about that. It means she is genuine. I'd pursue her and see where it goes. You can't lose by trying.

    • Honestly I can't really tell if I have one coming on. I usually have them while I'm asleep. Fortunately I found a medication (lamictal) to control it so I can have my DL and all. But you never know and I had one while me and my ex were sleeping together once and it led to her leaving me. It meant a lot by what she said, pretty much what you said, she'd be prepared to deal with it if it happened. That really made me like her so much more. Makes me feel warm inside thinking about it :3

    • I bet if it ACTUALLY happens, she'll leave the shit out out of you, don't go crazy guy on her, people are eventually disappoint.

    • people eventually disappoint*

  • she likes you a lot or she wouldn't still be around, you should defo give her a chance and see how things go, but she sounds really caring and if you guys stopped talking an she then after a long while randomly made the effort to meet up etc then you were still on her mind all that time and she likes you :), please answer my question I would be so grateful its under the category of "others", thanks.

    • Yes I would agree with Minnie, she really likes you.

      OP's story is similar to mine: A girl I've known for 4 years almost and I still really like each other.

      Only you can say if it's love or not.

    • guys please take a look at my question and answer when you have time id be so greatul, its under the category of dating, thanks x

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