How come some guys let girls have their way before breaking up with her?

how come some guys grant girls wishes before they breakup with her? for an example; a girl wants to be on his Facebook page and all over his instagram page, so he puts her there at the very last minute and he keeps letting her get her way, then he breakup with her. why do some guys do this?


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  • I am only guessing, but I think he's testing his feelings at the moment.
    He's trying to see something here (what, I shouldn't know). Maybe he's got this idea of breaking up, but wants to be sure of something ?
    Anyway, I'd suggest you didn't do too much on all the things you mentioned. You'd better relax, and reassure him with your feelings, instead of invading virtual space.

    Good luck :)

    • honey that's my guy friend I'm speaking about. he is already in the process of breaking up with her. all she do is nagg him constantly for a year. "Upload a picture of me" "like my picture" comment on my status" she think things go her way

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    • Oooh OK. Well you hadn't told that moving thing. So I couldn't guess it ;)

      Well I suppose he wants to keep her busy with something else, before breaking up. So it's not out of anger. But I can only guess, I don't know what they are living through.

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  • Breaking up is one of the hardest most hurtful things you can do to a person. I'd give the person I'm about to break up with the world in order to make the breakup less painful if I could.


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