I want my ex back, help me?

Ok so Bob and I were together for a year. We lived together and were engaged. One summer he left for out of state for about 5 months. I had a emotional break down and was put into a mental hospital. Before I was put there I cheated on him. He stayed with me through the hospital and when I told him about how I cheated. Things got bad between us and I ended up breaking up with him. We got back together shortly then he broke up with me. We Haven't really talked in months. I told him that I wanted him back and that I still loved him. Through texts. Then one day I came into town where he lived and I asked to see him. We met up, talked and had a great time. We kissed and I told him I absolutely sorry I was and that I missed him. He told me he forgave me. I don't know what do to from here. Help?


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  • I don't know that you could do more than you have. You could be more direct about how you feel but you may come to regret that. He gave multiple second chances, far more than most anyone else would. He may have reached his limit. Is there any way that you can prove to him that you've changed and thus there is hope for a relationship this time around?

  • You can call him up and ask him if he is interested in attempting to reconcile.


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