Have you ever used visualization to attract or achieve something you wanted?

I've been a member here for a while,and I would often post questions about crappy guys I was dealing with on the regular. Each guy would mistreat me somehow,or not be emotionally available. So I decided to try something different. I mentioned at one point on here how I would go to bed and imagine myself with an amazing guy. I would imagine how we would interact with each other,and activities we would do together. I had no idea what he would look like except very basic things like...being tall,physically fit,has a motorcycle,skateboards,is open to art or is an artists,great sense of humor,intelligent,ambitious etc. Back in September,I met a guy who is all of what I envisioned and more! It was shocking to me and almost made me vomit in disbelief,but it happened! We have been dating since then and I still pinch myself!

So have you ever experienced something similar in relationships or otherwise? Have you envisioned positive outcomes to things and they have come to pass?


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  • Yes. Lately, a lot of what I've imagined has been happening. I met a guy who treats me how I've always imagined things. I always saw how other people flirted and were playfully mean to eachother and I always wanted that but guys were just nice to me. Now, I actually met a guy who does that. He does everything I always wanted a guy to do. It's weird. He's protective of me, he teases me and makes fun of me so we tease each other alot. He looks in my eyes and smiles and just knows how to make me uncomfortable. Somehow, he managed to understand me, even though we didn't talk as much back then when he mentioned that stuff. He seems understanding of my shyness. He gets close and it makes things awkward but exciting. (I know. I have a weird imagination). I think he feels it too. but things that I've always thought about are happening. We're not dating, but I'm not going to rush anything. I'm going to let things develop on their own.

    congratulations on your new relationship though. :D


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