To leave or not to leave?

i am friends with this guy for years now..and through the years I already know his personality. the good parts of course, I accept but he has a bad part that I DON'T REALLY LIKE. he accuse me of bad things and it really pisses me off and I start to get VERY ANGRY. but he just brushes it off and says he doesn't wanna talk to me when I am "like this"..

when we fight I don't curse but I try to explain as much as possible that what he is doing hurts me and that it's not funny..can any of you help me? I really love my friend but

is the friendship worth keeping?

i tried to leave before but we always miss each other so we just get back together. but it really hurts me when we fight. I don't wanna live my lifetime with someone that could hurt me bad but at the same time, when I know that things feel like it's really over I cry. I wanna be strong but when it comes to him I am weak.

i don't know how to explain it but it's like..not soul mates but something like that?

should I leave or not? any opinion please? thank you.


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  • let me take a wild guess and say you have never slept with him? Guys dig themselves in holes becoming a girl's boyfriend emotionally, but leaving out the physical aspect.


    yeah, it's offensive I know, but it's real. You two need a serious chat about taking it to the next level or quit torturing each other and go your separate ways.


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