Do relationships contiune after a "break"?

What is your experience after taking a break?

I have been with someone for one year. He talked about being hesitant to fully emotionally committing. He said he can't think straight because he gets caught up in how much he would miss me. I suggested we take a month break without any contact so he can clear his head and figure out if he really wants to be with me.

Do you think it's possible we will get back together, or are his "cold feet" a sign that he doesn't really want to be with me?


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  • i think a person shouldn't be with someone because they think the'll miss them if they break up. you should be with someone because you can't imagine not being with them not because you just think you'll miss them or feel lonely if you're not together

    so if I were you I would want to know that he wants me rather than just fears being alone.

    do I think you two will get back together? I'm not sure that you two should be together based on what you said but in my experience (both first hand and witnessed) breaks more often than not result in breakups


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  • It could go either way here...with my experience, many men are unpredictable and some even emotionally unstable. Being you have been with him for a year, he may be feeling smothered and may not be ready for a full fledged commitment at this point, which okay, at least he is HONEST. Taking a break is smart to test your relationship, and I do believe he will miss you, but that doesn't mean he will still be ready for commitment either. "Taking a break" isn't the same as breaking up, so unless you have talked about this as "breaking up," I do believe he will return, possibly on his terms, because he still cares about you and wants you in his life and doesn't want to lose you altogether. It then would have to be your decision whether or not you would want to comply with his decision, or move on to someone else who wants more. If you do decide to stay and "play it out", you may just win in the end. It is a gamble, but your call. Good luck, sweetie.

  • That usually means that someone wants to date someone else, but have his/her ex as a backup just in case.


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