For Married or Engaged people to answer. Keep Ex's girlfriend/boyfriend Pictures?


I think its extremely disrespectful to keep pictures of an ex boyfriend/girlfriend from High School that you have no ties to and no contact with while you are Married.

According to your vows you are supposed to "Forsake All Others". In English, forget and abandon all others.

My friend is having a hard time with his wife not wanting to let go of her High School ex boyfriends pictures. I had this issue with my wife and she threw the pictures out because I told her "It's him or me, choose now!". She threw the pictures out of respect to me.

Do you think its OK to keep pictures of an ex boyfriend/girlfriend from High School that you have no permanent ties to and who you don't contact into a Marriage?

Why would you bring an ex boyfriend/girlfriend pictures that you no longer have ties to or contact with into a marriage?


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  • I don't see any harm. They're just pictures. My wife has photo albums that have pictures of her family, and her old boyfriend is in some of them, plus some high school pics of him. Who cares? Well I guess she cared, about mine. I had pics of an old girlfriend, pics that didn't make it into an album, stored in a box with other pictures. I went to look for some pictures one day and discovered she had been in it and tossed the ex gf's pics out. Double standard I'd say. lol

    • Thanks for telling the truth. This helps.

    • You're welcome. Glad it helped.

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  • This is my opinion on this subject. As long as the pictures are kept safely and securely in a PHOTO ALBUM, and NOT in a picture frame on your mantle, I see no harm in it. We all have a past, memories with some other person before the ones we are with now, and unless there are insecurity issues in a marriage, I see no harm in this. Your friend's wife chose HIM, not the other, so tell him to chill, she is puckering up with him, not the pix,

  • I think it's pretty pathetic to give an ultimatum over a picture. They are memories, I'm secure enough in my relationship to be OK if my man had a couple pics in a memory box. I could understand getting upset if it was a ton of pictures framed and in the open but not if they are just kept hidden away in a scrapbook or something.

    • I don't regret giving an ultimatum. It's someone that she has no ties to or me. You have to Forsake all others. I have already changed things for her and she will have to make changes for me within reason. I should have the right to find someone who respects my wishes. I will not waste time and age that I can't get back if I'm married to the wrong person who still wants to remember someone who treated her bad.

    • Are you married or engaged? Should you be answering this?

    • I am engaged, and everyone is entitled to their feelings, but I feel you're taking this too seriously.

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