Should he break up with her before he truly breaks her heart?

For the pass year my brother has been leading on his girlfriend and it hurts to watch. Before getting with her, he was in an eight year long term relationship, and had a son with his ex. They Haven't seen each other since then. Meanwhile after three months of breaking up with her, he meets another female through a family member, and they immediately jump into a relationship. Within weeks he was telling the family he was in love and that they were moving in. I was happy for him, but at the same time I was a bit worried, When family members would ask why he doesn't keep pictures of her in his phone he remarked because she is "ugly"

I must admit she is less attractive compared to most women he has dated, but she has such a beautiful personality and she is so much more nicer and treats him like gold. She cooks for him, cleans up after him, has a good job, and even goes out of her way to please him. Unlike his ex girlfriend who was spoiled rotten and made him do everything. She even has two children that love and adore him. He told me that she wants to get married oneday, but he says he isn't going to stay with her, because he doesn't find her attractive, he says that he wants her to have the looks of his ex, but keep the same personality. My brother is a shallow type of guy, and tends to go for the model-ish type, high high maintenance , and this girl is the complete opposite. she's a bookworm gamerchick. All the time he tells me how hot other women are and if his girl starts acting funny he's going to go out and mess around on her.

It really pisses me off, because he once told my little brother that if he wasn't in the situation that he is in he wouldn't stay with her. I just don't understand it, This is just me, but wouldn't it be better to break it off now then to let it simmer and hurt her even more? Now that he's got some contact with his son again, he doesn't seem to be interested in her anymore. What do you think?


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  • I think your brother is a massive asshole. He needs a wake up call of some kind. You don't treat people like that, using them up when it's convenient just to discard them later.

    • I agree, don't get me wrong, he has his good points too, and stuck with him when she didn't have a job for a time, but now it seems his whole personality has changed for her due to the fact that he has some contact with his ex, it isn't right, and he is an ass for it. I don't know if he's just fronting in front of us or what.

  • Yes definitely the damage he could cause could last a long time I think it's best that you tell her that he thinks she's ugly and unattractive and doesn't really want to be with her


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